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Graco Room for 2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller Review

Complete Review Of Graco Room for 2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller

When you are looking to spend some time outside with your infants, strollers are the best way to go about it. Pushing a child around is hard when your stroller is not exactly the best in the market. The fact that you have a baby should not deter you from going around for walks as you used to or from getting your morning jog session. Several baby strollers come packed with lots of useful features for you and your infant, so you should be able to stick to your walking or jogging routine.

Speaking of strollers, there is a jungle out there in the market and shopping for one is a very challenging task. It is important that you choose the one that matches what you intend to do with it. If you have two kids, then a dual stroller will be more convenient for you than buying two separate strollers.

If you are looking for a jogging stroller, the Graco stroller is a good option. This stroller brand provides several inexpensive ways to get around to the modern day active parent. Moreover, Graco is known for creating the best dual strollers that offer the user value for money as well.

When you buy the Graco Room for 2 Click connect, you are buying more than a stroller. You are buying a car seat as well. This feature and much more attest to the commitment that Graco has towards creating good and very high-quality products at a fraction of the cost.


Graco Room for 2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller

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What to expect from this Graco Stroller?

The Graco Room for 2 is not one of those showy strollers around, and it certainly lacks several features parents might be eagerly looking for. It will not work particularly well for two infants or twins since it just connects one carrier. And, it has only one reclining seat so it is not suited for longer trips. Having said that, it is a decent buy for the price and moms would be hard-pressed to come across a similar stroller for a similar price, and it is not possible to find a better stroller at this price point.

Key Features

Below are some of the features that you should expect to find on it as soon as you buy it.

  • Holds 2 children up to 50 lbs each
  • Can connect to all Graco Snug car seats
  • Padded seats for maximum comfort
  • A variety of reclining seating options
  • One-hand folding and unfolding capability; storage latch is included.

Who is this product from Graco for?

This stroller is ideal for parents with two kids- twins or kids who are similar in size. It is also ideal for people looking for an inexpensive stroller that can carry two kids simultaneously.


This easy-commute stroller system offers just enough comfort and style to make going around the city easier. Given its smaller size fully open or folded, and its lightweight design, this product lends itself to maneuvering a tight corner easier than other strollers and stowing easily in a trunk.  Its seat is very easy to manoeuvre because of the construction of the wheel. The front wheels are very flexible so that you can get around those very tough corners.

It beats other dual strollers hands down because they take into account that at any given time only one parent will be the one using the stroller at any given time because it has the single-hand folding option.

This product is capable of handling a maximum of 100 pounds. The kids sit in very comfortable seats. These seats are made of very soft padding. The final pro is that this stroller is very roomy for your kids with a variety of settings that you can recline for different comfort levels.

Even though it is devoid of some accessories and options for extra comfort that make other baby strollers a go-to stroller, this Graco stroller has proved it has all it needs to do what it is intended to do.


You need to be very careful when you use this stroller. The metallic parts might snap if you subject them to intense pressure. The wear and tear of the buckle, for example, will make the parts snap at the most inopportune moments. Also, you will experience some difficulty while trying to split the base and the seat apart. This will be very difficult to get used to because of the delicate nature of the parts.

What are Graco’s customer reviews?

Some people in their reviews state that the canopy falls apart sooner than expected usually after a few times of use and thus intense care should be taken when storing and setting up the stroller.


If you are looking for a double stroller for infant and toddler for those occasional trips to the park where you should take both your children and you simply do not like seeing them roaming about, the Room for 2 will most likely meet your requirements. However, if you are in search of a stroller that you can use on a daily basis it is perhaps not the best double stroller no matter what it costs

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