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BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller Review

The BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller is brought in the market by BOB, specially designed for parents who like a good jogging or walking with their toddlers. This product is carved from durable aluminum alloy, and fitted with comfortable padded seats and handlebars that offer 9 positions adjustment. The frame is lightweight and with an easy two-step folding, it makes it an ideal fit for any parent. The front wheels allow for a superior grip even on rough terrain while the suspension system maintains the toughness and durability of the stroller. The system can be used with BOB infant car seat adapter and compatible infant car seat.



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This stroller is a boon to the parents wanting to go for a walk or job with their toddlers. The most beautiful thing about this double jogging stroller is that it comes with an adjustable handlebar that will provide a user with an adjustment of 9 positions, thus perfect fit for parents with any height. The seats are ultra-padded and reclined that comforts the child even while the stroller is taken on a hard road. The seats are adjustable, and the five-point padded seat just adds on to the whole seating experience.

The front swivel wheels lock forward so that there is increased stability while jogging or walking on the rough terrain. This stroller is extremely lightweight and has easy two-step folding for the ease of carrying it around anywhere. The suspension system is quite adjustable for a smooth ride while providing the state-of-art benefit to the user. The storage basket under the seat and a mesh pocket behind the seat are yet another perks to the stroller allowing the parents to store all the child accessories.

Highlighted Features

Adjustable handlebars: The padded handlebars of the stroller are adjustable and can be done so with nine positions adjustments. This is ideal for parents of any height and thus the ease and comfort of carrying. The user can adjust the height up and down according to their convenience, and it is easier to do with this handlebar.

The advantage of the Canopy: The canopy is helpful in protecting the child from harmful UV radiation and it also helps to maintain the comfort level of the child.

Light body: Although the stroller can carry a baby of minimum 8 months old, yet its body makeup is quite light. This provides an ease of carrying for the parents. To make it easier, the stroller has a two-step folding system that eliminates the need for complicated packing and moving.

Smooth and stable ride: The swivel wheels have a forward lock system that gives stability to the stroller while the suspension is so firm that the bumpy ride is never a bumpy one. The child remains in the comfort of the stroller. 



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  • The BOB Revolution Flex Duallieis light in weight and this makes it glide in the air. The light frame of the stroller will not let a user feel the discomfort of a double stroller.
  • Being stable there is no worry of the stroller getting unbalanced on an uneven path, thus safeguarding the child.
  • Comfortable seats that are padded with five points padded system adds on to the comfort level of the child.
  • High quality and durable material to last longer even after being used on rough terrain.
  • The front wheel can swivel thus allowing it to be turned in any direction without any hindrances as it has forward locking system only.
  • Handlebars with 9 position adjustment are suited for people with any height thus facilitating the adjustment procedure and making it easier.


  • The canopy covers the child’s head efficiently, but the only problem arises when it bunches when pulled back.
  • The storage is sufficient both beneath and behind the stroller, but one has to bend down a lot in order to access it.

Product Ranking

The product has a ranking of 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon, which clearly indicates the authenticity of the product. Out of all the customer reviews, 83% gave the product a 5-star rating and 10% rated it with 4 stars owing to the stability and comfort of the double stroller. Analysing the customer feedback, the BOB Revolution is a quality product for your children with durability and stability.


The jogging stroller Bob is a good buy especially for parents having two toddlers as this double stroller gives the benefit of utmost good quality and stability. Although it is a bit overpriced and one will have to purchase all the attachment separately that is compensated by the great suspension system that makes it stronger on tough roads.


The BOB Revolution Flex Duallie eliminates the requirement to buy two strollers for parents having two children. As the reviews suggest, people are living in rural areas where the roads are often tough, are seen to find the product very useful and strong. The child is well protected by the cushy seats as well as the shades overhead without compromising the safety. The jogging stroller can dime onto any road and fewer efforts are required to push the same. Overall, it is a great stroller for infants and parents expecting smooth jog and walks with their babies.

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