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Best Tandem Stroller Reviews

When you have more than one young one around, the best tandem stroller lets you bring both your kids along with you all the time. These types of baby strollers are made to fit two kids at once, with one child seated in front of the other.

A lot of people like this set up because it the size of the stroller does not get any wider allowing you to go through any aisles or doorways without problems. Among the different types of 2-child strollers, people end up thinking on whether to choose a tandem or a side by side model. Between the 2 there isn’t really a clear winner and both have their pros and cons.

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If you want to learn more about the differences between the two designs video below can help you make your decision.

Top 3 Tandem Stroller Reviews for 2016

Listed below are some of the best tandem strollers on the market. Though most of them are non-convertible, there are some strollers that allow users to take out a seat to make more room for extra storage and what not. This kind of baby strollers have fairly small wheels while a few tandem strollers come with medium sized wheels mainly to perform well on all kind of surfaces.

#1. Baby Jogger City Select

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The Baby Jogger City Select is the ideal stroller for a growing family. It comes with a second seat kit and other stylish accessories that can be mixed and matched to suit any mom’s taste.

Key features

  • Quick fold technology that enables one single step fold
  • A hand operated brake
  • Telescopable handlebars with adjustable height
  • 12” forever-air rear wheels and 8” lightweight front wheels
  • Great front wheel suspension
  • Reclining, padded seats
  • Sun canopy with peek-a-boo windows
  • Comes in 16 different colors including Onyx

The product is very safe and versatile with reversible seats, adjustable handlebars, and handbrake. Although it is called a jogger this stroller is not for jogging. It has plenty of storage and is suitable for a growing family.  However, it is heavy and folds large. Most of the cool accessories are sold separately, but the new version comes with the extra seat. Whatever, this is a quite versatile stroller in the market, and the options are literally endless with this tandem stroller.


#2. Contours Options Elite

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This is a tandem double stroller that offers seven different seating options. It is, without doubt, one of the most versatile, affordable tandem strollers on the market.


  • Seats are reversible and removable
  • 5-point safety harnesses
  • Individual sunshades with mesh peek-a-boo windows
  • Parent Cup Holder
  • Comes with a universal infant car seat adapter
  • Big storage basket and Child pockets
  • Fitted with Shock absorbing EVA rear wheels
  • Adjustable footrests

The stroller folds easily and has an auto lock mechanism. It is a sturdy stroller that can accommodate bigger kids. However, the problem is that it is heavy and accessories that come standard with most products are sold separately.

This product is a great for two kids, twins and works just as well whether you are pushing infants or older kids. It offers a lot of options than most strollers.


3. Baby Trend Sit N Stand

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Baby Trend are regarded as the pioneers of the sit n stand stroller design.  This product is ideal for parents who want to give their children the opportunity to stand or sit.


  • Front seat accepts infant car seats
  • Reclining seats with 5-point harness for safety
  • Offers 12 different seating arrangements
  • Big storage basket easy fold system
  • Snack tray with cup holder for the child
  • Cup holder for parent, which comes with an organizing tray
  • Multi-position reclining seat with 5-point safety harness
  • Foot activated brake

The stroller can be folded with one hand. The foot-activated brake is a wonderful feature. This is ideal for parents with children of different ages. You can put the younger one in the chair whilst the older one stands. The storage compartment and the cup holders make it easy to store things while you are on the go. This is the best option for a growing family. It is safe, comfortable, versatile and best of all affordable.

How to choose the best Tandem stroller?

Honestly, we cannot tell you. It’s better if you guys can figure that out on your own. Get that inch tape out and measure every dimension of these strollers and see how they can fit well in your home. Get those strollers to the supermarket and put them to the test. Push. Turn. And do everything you would normally do. Make sure you load them up to gauge how these baby strollers can be of help when you are up and about with your babies on the road

Other than these factors, there are a lot of questions that you got to ask yourself. Are you getting this out of the car? Or, are you driving this around on dirt, grass etc. How big is your entryway? No matter what, the stroller that you are going to buy is not only good for your kids but also fits in your home.

Tandem vs Side by Side

The main difference between tandem and side by side strollers is the children’s seating arrangement. Tandems have them lined up one after the other, while side by side, as the name implies has your kids seated beside each other.


Normally, side by side are only a few inches wider than a tandem. It is not very different than wheelchairs and often conforms to the regulations. The side by side model has its weight centered so it turns easily and you can push it without much effort. Another advantage of these strollers is you can access your kids easily. Tandem strollers may not give you the luxury of enjoying quick access to your tweenies.

With a side by side stroller, your babies are always going to be next to each other. However, there are a few tandem strollers which allow babies to face each other thanks to their sophisticated design. If you are living in an apartment where space is a bit premium, the tandem is always going to win over the side by side design. Reason? The tandem design allows the stroller to fold a lot flatter than the other one, so you can find a small space where you can stow that compact piece of fold. The tandem baby strollers normally have a huge storage compartment and a sophisticated seat padded with comfortable materials.

Another point of consideration is the ease with which they turn. With side by side strollers, turning around tight corners is as easy as it gets. On the contrary, tandem strollers, because of their design, require a significant amount of space to turn correctly. Hence, they are not suitable if you are having to make sharp turns around tight corners quite frequently wherever you go.

You can see both have their advantages and disadvantages and depending on how wide the doorways and hallways in your home and the places you go you may opt for one over the other.


Tandem strollers are undoubtedly the most versatile type of baby buggies. They offer superb storage, better safety, improved ease of use, more comfort and most importantly a good all-round package if you have two kids that are a few years apart. Go through each and every stroller in our reviews and make sure you pick the one that serves you and your kids well.

This article focuses on the best tandem stroller reviews if you decide you prefer side by side strollers, check out our reviews of these models here.