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Best Side by Side Double Stroller Reviews

The best side by side double stroller lets you watch over your children easily and keeps them seated comfortably with the option of being protected from the sun on harsh sunny days. They allow you to fully control and maneuver your kids around without any risk of tipping over.

Many parents often worry about the extra width, and it is quite important that the side by side stroller you purchase easily fits through anywhere in your home. Having said that, almost all side by side strollers are not too much wider than the average wheelchair. There are several side by side strollers in the market that can fit through most doors without being folded. However, that comes at a compromise though- the seat may not have the full recline feature.

As for wheels, normal side by side baby strollers has wheels that are just about normal size, perhaps little smaller than what you would find on an all-terrain stroller but bigger than the wheels on an umbrella stroller. In terms of weight, they fall somewhere between the other strollers mentioned above. Another reason why parents go for side by side strollers is storage.


When are side by side strollers ideal?

They are usually meant for kids of the same age. They work best when they have children that weigh the same. They are ideal if you would like the children to enjoy the same vantage point, which is also something most kids tend to prefer. If your babies have differences in size or age, the kind of sit and stand or tandem stroller will be more ideal for your choice.

As for the parents, the side by side strollers gives them better handling and easier access to both kids. The rear suspension and extra wide tires might be a lot of help if you are looking to take your kids out for a spin with you. These features ensure that the kids ride without much jostling especially around those tight corners.


Top 3 Side by Side Double Stroller Reviews

There are several factors that make a stroller suitable for all occasions- a fixed front wheel and tires with the relatively larger diameter to accommodate your running stride.

The following three strollers are worthy in terms of wheels and weight, and they all fold up all right for neat storage.

This is what we found when we took these strollers for a spin.


1. Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT

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The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is a great all-terrain stroller for those people who are looking for functionality and style in their stroller. It is a reasonably affordable and sophisticated stroller with a lot of practical features.

Striking Features

  • This product is equipped with a swivel front wheel with 8.5″ forever air tires with front wheel suspension.
  • It has a great suspension for a smoother ride.
  • Seats are padded for comfort, have vented seat tops
  • It has a quick fold and lock mechanism
  • A generous, adjustable sun canopy with peek-a-boo windows

The stroller is fitted with an adjustable handlebar and a handbrake. It can double up into a travel system by using the car seat adapter. At just about 30” wide, it fits through most standard sized doors. There are not many doors that these strollers cannot fit through into. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT makes it easy for you to move across all terrains from the city’s pathways to the rugged off the beaten paths ways.

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2. Baby Trend Navigator

The Baby Trend Navigator is the ideal baby stroller for moms on the go. It is reasonable priced and travels well on all terrains.


  • It can accommodate 2 Baby Car Seats
  • Is equipped with pneumatic bicycle tires and front wheels that swivel and lock easily
  • It has an easy trigger folding mechanism for easy storage.
  • Has individual cup holders and shade covers
  • Has comfortable, multi-position, padded seats
  • MP3 player with speakers for your children to enjoy some tunes
  • Available in different colors like Vanguard

Even though it does feel a little too heavy to push at times, anybody can do it easily. In addition, this stroller offers a lot of space for storage so you can be sure you can pack all of your babies’ stuff without having to worry about what to pick and what not to. This may not offer the smoothest ride and the easiest fold that you are so picky about, but this one is a good choice for small spaces and travel, because it maneuvers well.



3. Joovy Scooter X2

Billed as a stroller that delivers loads of value, Joovy Scooter X2 sports a sturdy frame and comes in the colors like green. This lightweight side-by-side stroller offers more storage than most and has some really good features that mothers will appreciate and babies will enjoy.


  • Weighs only 32lb and is only 30” wide. This puts the weight limit at 45lb in each seat.
  • Seats recline independently and come with individual footrests
  • Two cup holders and zippered pockets
  • A big storage basket located under the seats

The Joovy Scooter X2 is not an all-terrain stroller but the bigger wheels and improvement on the suspension means that it rides smoother than most strollers in its class. This stroller is durable, it is comfortable easy to set up, easy to maneuver and easier to stow away. The Joovy Scooter X2 offers extraordinary features- wonderful canopy, bigger and better wheels. Storage basket, large seats- all for a lovely price.

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Benefits of Side By Side Double Stroller

  1. You can easily watch over your kids– Because they’re lined up beside each other you can quickly look over and see how and what they’re doing. This is in comparison to tandems where you need to take a few steps to see the child seated in front.
  2. They are easier to push– As the weight is even on both sides, you are pushing a shorter wider load. This makes it easier to control and push forward. They are also much easier to pop up to get over a curb. These 2 tasks are often much more difficult with front and back (tandem) style strollers.
  3. They offer more stability– The best side by side double stroller will give you excellent stability. The weight will be evenly distributed throughout the unit and the wide build lets it sit in a more stable position. This reduces any risk of tipping to the right or left when making turns.
  4. Used for All-Terrain and Jogging Strollers– Among our many side by side double stroller reviews, you’ll notice that these types of units are those used for all-terrain and fitness jogging strollers. Having the kids seated beside one another lets the unit stay stable making it more ideal for dealing with uneven surfaces. With the addition of bigger wheels and shock absorption features, these side by side systems are converted so you can run, jog or go through outdoor trails with your young ones.


Side by side stroller is a nice choice. They come with easy to access storage compartments, large canopies that offer protection from sun, ample options for accessories, all wheel suspensions, and a compact fold size that takes up fairly less space than many rivals. It is a category worth looking into if you have got kids of the same size. Given its host of features and overall value, it is easy to understand why a lot of parents buy this kind of double stroller.