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Best Double Stroller Reviews and Buying Guide 2018

Welcome to BestStrollerBuy.com, the ultimate guide to choosing the best double stroller for your babies.
If you have twins or more than one young child, the best double stroller gives you the ability to bring your kids with you when you go out, take a short jog or take a trip. Compared to those used by our grandparents, today child carriers have become much more complex covering many different styles and uses.

Our double stroller reviews cover the different types available today, explaining the differences among them so you know which of the many styles available is the right one for you and your happy family. You’ll also want to consider what your primary use for the stroller will be since there specialized styles like those for jogging, built for different surfaces, as well as kids who want to be able to stand while being pushed.

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Top 5 Best Double Stroller Reviews 2018

  1. Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect

The DuoGlider Classic is a tandem double stroller which means that the seats are positioned one in front of the other as opposed to being positioned side by side. This seating structure makes it easier for parents to push the unit as well as maneuver it through corners or go through doors.
Each of the seats is fitted with overhead canopies so your child is shielded from the harsh rays of the sun during warm sunny days. You can adjust these overhead covers as needed.
As with most Graco strollers, the DuoGlider is ready to accept infant car seats under the Graco Classic Connect line. This lets you snap them on securely so you can stroll with your younger kids and convert the unit into a travel system. When you get home or need to fit the stroller into the car, the one-click latch system lets the entire unit fold backward into a flat position quickly.
Maximum weight limit of the DuoGlider is set at 40 lbs. for each seat. It also comes with a storage area that covers the entirety of the bottom of the seats, which lets you keep your baby accessories on hand at all times.  Full review >>


2. Graco Room For2 Stand & Ride

Our next double stroller reviews focus on something that’s built for slightly bigger kids, which is Graco RoomFor 2 Stand & Ride. This adds a bit more capacity allowing you to carry 2 kids that weigh up to 50 pounds each.
This Graco creation also differs from the DuoGlider in that it is a sit and stand double stroller. So as opposed to the two seated make-up of the DuoGlider, in the RoomFor2, you get one seat on the front and a space on the rear. The rear area lets your bigger child sit on the rear bench or stand on the platform while your other child sits on the front.
This is a lightweight option for parents who don’t want to push a heavy stroller around or have something that is difficult to lift when folded. All in all, it weighs 26.5 pounds and has a smaller overall footprint that lets it maneuver around easily and be stored in your vehicle.
As with the other Graco stroller mentioned in the review above, this unit is able to fit 2 infant car seats on it. When you choose to set infant car seats on any stroller, do make sure that the infant car seat is made to work with the stroller. This ensures your child’s safety, as not all brands are compatible with one another.
With this sit and stand double stroller, both parent and child get their own trays with cup holders. Your child’s tray also slides open making it easy to attend to them when needed or get them seated. The front seat reclines and it fitted with a safety harness that can be set to 3 or 5 points.

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3. Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger

For any cycling or exercise enthusiasts, the Schwinn brand is well known for its products. They do have a line for kids rolling carriers that’s fittingly for parents who want to stay in shape while watching over their kids.
If you’re in search for a double jogging, the Schwinn Turismois a good, affordable and reliable choice. Compared to those above where you have double set wheels positioned in the front of the units, those built for sport or jogging like the Turismo are fitted with a single, but larger wheel that is capable of swiveling.
This wheel set up gives it the ability to move faster to keep pace with your jogging speed. The single swivel wheel also makes quick turns easier and effortless. Both front and rear tires are wider and bigger than those found in conventional units to give it the extra stability needed since the parent will be in motion.
The Schwinn Turismo comes with an aluminum frame making it lighter in weight compared with other types of steel frames without sacrificing safety or stability.
You get a number of different features you’d want when working out including a bottle holder, rubber handle grips that won’t let the unit slip from your hands even when sweaty, and even MP3 speakers. This features included in this jogger makes it among our top picks.

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4. Britax B-Agile

The lightweight of the frame and the adjustable handles make it extremely easy to maneuver, this being one of the secrets behind this stroller’s popularity. Although it is designed to support two children weighing up to 50 pounds each, it does not have a massive appearance, featuring a sleek design that allows it to fit through standard doors.
Each of the features it is packed with has an important role when it comes to enhancing the convenience of the ride, from keeping the little ones comfortable and safe to providing numerous storage spaces, so that you can have everything at arm’s reach.

Reasons Why Britax B-Agile Can Be Considered:
It is the perfect combination of lightweight and stability, these two characteristics making it very easy to drive around. A cleverly designed, easy to activate braking system blocks the front, swivel wheels when they are not needed, the wheels in the back being also blocked when the stroller is stationed so that you can be sure it stays in place.
However, since your precious babies are the ones who benefit from it, Britax B-Agile was designed with their comfort and safety in mind. The seat is softly padded, and the headrest ensures a proper position of the neck and head of the little ones, so they can enjoy the coziness of the ride to the maximum.

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Types of Double Strollers

When it comes of choosing the twin strollers there are two basic types, based on the style the seats are arranged. These are the tandem style designed and the side by side double. The structure of the seating is one of the biggest considerations when looking for a twin stroller since it affects how your kids are seated, how well you can see your kids and how you get the push it around.

Tandem Double Strollers

Tandems are arranged in a such that the seats of your kids are places one in front of the other. As such they form a line in front of you. By using this format of seating, the tandem styled units are able to keep the width of the entire unit the same as that of standard models.
This makes it easy for parents to fit the unit though doorways and aisles since they don’t take up any extra space on the sides. Pushing the carrier around as you go through corners does take some getting used to since it is like driving a longer vehicle where you need to take into consideration the length you cover during curves.
To allow the child on the rear seat to have a view, tandems have their rear seats raised slightly so the child is able to see just over the child seating on the front. While the front seat has the advantage of a better view, the rear seat often has the ability to fully recline, while the front sear reclining ability is more limited since the rear seat is there.
In some higher end tandem strollers, the seats have the ability to rotate so that the kids can face one another.

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Side by Side Double Strollers

The side by side double design on the other hand, places the children beside one another. Its make up is like gluing two individual units to one another on their sides so you get a two seater.
In terms of being able to watch over your kids, the side by side double design makes this task a lot simpler compared to the tandem since you can just look down and see both the kids. In the tandem style design, it is much more difficult to see the child that’s seated in front specially if there’s a canopy.
Because the seating is placed side by side, this type offers more stability and less likely to be tipped over thanks to its width. It is also much easier to push it up curbs since the weight is distributed evenly from side to side.
While both kids get to see the entire front view in side by side setup, though pushing the wide load does mean more effort in the beginning. You will also want to spread your hands further away from one another so the pushing force is distributed to each side. The width of this type of design does give you more of a dilemma when dealing with narrower walkways or doorways.
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Double Stroller Reviews Based on Function

While the structure of the seating gives you a basic idea of the stroller’s layout. Many of today’s child carriers are build for specialized functions. Here are some of the common types based on what they’re meant to do.

Sit and Stand Double Strollers

When you have some older kids who want to be able to stand and look around as you push them around, the sit and stand style is one worth considering. Instead of having your regular two seats, this style comes with your standard front seat but has a standing platform in place of the back seat.

This is much lighter and more compact when compared to the tandem style because you remove the rear seat and in its place you either have a rear bench or standing area where your child can sit or stand.
Its smaller size make these much easier to push around compared to standard double models since you take out the weight of the back seat.

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Double Jogging Strollers

These are among the most popular baby strolling carriers around as many parents like to be able to stay physically fit while watching over their kids. Made to be used by parents who want to be able to go out for their daily jog with their young ones, those designed for jogging or running often come equipped with 3 wheels, one in the front, and two in the rear.
The wheels are often larger and wider than those you’d find in standard models. That’s to make them roll faster since you’re moving at a faster pace and the width makes them more stable.

Some of these joggers are built for pavement while others for more cross country terrain, so do make sure to check the product specifications before making your purchase should you want to use it for one specific type of surface.
With double jogging strollers, you’ll find that the seating will be side by side. That’s to make them more stable since you have the weight distributed evenly across. These are the best choice if you want to be able to jog with your young.

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Double Umbrella Strollers

This style is called as such because of their handles curve at the ends similar to those of umbrellas. The other similarity they have with the rain protector is that they fold up into a much more compact unit quickly compared to full-sized units.
Most umbrella strollers are light in weight and compact in size. This makes them ideal for those who like to travel or need to be able to quickly fold up the baby carrier to put away, like on planes trains or other public forms of transportation.
Because of its compact nature, they often come with detachable or removable parts, like canopies, making it much easier to fold it into a smaller package.

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All Terrain Double Strollers
These models are built to handle different types of surfaces. This gives you the freedom to bring your child along when you walk the trail or visit parks without worrying about how well it will hold up.
All-terrain strollers are designed like those that are built for jogging, wherein they have one wheel in front. But do keep in mind that not all models built for jogging are made for rugged terrain, and not every all-terrain baby system is built for jogging, so do

check the user’s guide when you buy.
The set up of this type of baby buggy is that it has wheels that are wider and made to roll well on uneven surfaces, potholes and dirt trails, whereas the standard baby stroller’s wheels are more designed for smooth surfaces.
These also come with frames that are meant to withstand small bumps and often will have some shock absorbing ability so you kids don’t get a rough ride. If you’re active and like the outdoor environment, these are the best type for you.

Lightweight Double Strollers
These are those that weigh 20 lbs. or less. Though some a little more than 20 lbs. They are much easier to move with and store since the low weight lets you easily carry when over objects or onto your vehicle.
In the past, most lightweight models were the umbrella in style but that isn’t the case anymore. Many standard models now come under 25 pounds and are built with sturdy material, unlike the older flimsier models.
The other improvement that this type of carrier now has is that they often come with many of the same features you’ll find in regular baby carrying unit.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Double Stroller

Are you thinking of buying a double stroller?
With all the available double stroller options, it’s important that you take some time to do research since your stroller is about to become your next best assistant. To avoid spending money on the wrong one, think about what is the “Must Have” features (see below) for the new dual stroller. Also, think about which of the popular brands such as Phil and Teds, Bobs, E3, Tandem, Maclaren, Jane, Mountain, Chicco, Peg Perego, Graco, Schwinn, Baby Trend, Britax your prefer. The good news is that once you determine exactly how you want to use the double stroller there are plenty of models to fit your lifestyle.

These are some of the things that you may want to consider in selecting the best double stroller for your family:

Important Comfort and Safety Features for Dual Strollers

Of course, your child’s safety should come first. With this in mind you want to research the stroller’s brand. Reconsider the brand if the manufacturer has sold faulty stroller parts and has had a lot of recalls in the last few years.
Then consider the harness, which is what keeps your child from falling out of the stroller. These straps go over both shoulders, around their waist, and between their legs. The higher the assigned points (5 being the safest), the safer the harness will be and less chance that your child will twist their way out of the stroller. If possible, push your favorite stroller throughout the store before making your selection. Go ahead and test the breaks and ensure that they are stable. You should be testing both the foot and hand break. Also, check that all wheels make contact with the floor and that the stroller is not unsteady or has any sharp edges or spots that can cause injuries.

Take into account your children’s ages in choosing the dual stroller. As some strollers only have space for a child to stand and ride but no room for naps. While other models have space to accommodate both children. If your children are present have them sit and see that they are comfortable.

Considering Wheels and Handles
As you are walking throughout the store go ahead and adjust the handles to ensure that they are comfortable for you and your partner. Foam covered handles are extremely comfortable. If your partner is on the tall side make sure the handles can be adjusted for comfort.

If you live in a crowded area make sure that the stroller can turn the corners smoothly, and your feet do not hit the wheels when you pick your walking pace. Practice folding and unfolding the stroller. Consider another stroller if you are not able to easily fold and unfold the stroller, as when your baby is around you will have other priorities.

Other Things to Consider

  • Age of your kids: Side-by-side double strollers are great for twins or children of close age. Tandems and convertibles are best for children of different ages, as they have reclining seats and more individual space for leg room and hands.
  • Weight of the stroller: Some tandems are heavy, thus making it difficult for carrying it up/down stairs, into car trunks, or other forms of transport.
  • Maneuverability: Side-by-sides are wider than tandems and convertibles as mentioned earlier. It would be hard to move it around crowded parks, footpaths, or any other narrow ways. It should be easy for you to push and maneuver the stroller, even with two children.  Convertibles can be made into the side-by-side and single stroller, making it a versatile selection.
  • The size of your car: Can you fit them into your trunk? Some large strollers cannot be squeezed into small hatchbacks.
  • Modularity: How modular do you want your stroller to be? Do you like strollers which detach and rearrange the seats? Can you fold the stroller compact enough to fit into your car trunk? Consider these options before zeroing on the stroller of choice.
  • Take the stroller for a test drive before finalizing your decision. If you feel comfortable moving it around, a good grip on the handles, the feel during bumps in the road is the mark of a good double baby stroller.
  • You need to consider where you prefer to keep the diaper bag, in the basket underneath the stroller or in another spot? Is your favorite stroller able to handle the weight of a fully packed diaper bag? Does it have an organization tray to hold snacks or drinks or the plastic cover?

Price Consideration
As you can imagine, the more features the stroller has the higher the price tag will be. Decided what is the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend, and the check which double stroller has the most features for your budget. There are plenty of options and you should be able to find a quality stroller at your price target. Currently, some of the most popular double strollers include Graco, B-Agile, and Combi. When you click the link below you will be able to see which online merchant has the best price.
1. Graco Brand– Graco DuoGlider classic connect
2. Side by Side Stroller– Britax B-Agile side by side
3. Twin Stroller– Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Finding a product that is suitable for your families needs is possible if you take the time to research. Selecting the right double stroller will make your family’s life easier.

Where to buy the best?
There are many options for those looking to buy a double stroller. Stores provide you with the opportunity to test drive the stroller but often wind up costing more. Online sites such as Amazon often make up for the inability to test drive strollers by offering free shipping and easy return policies, plus have the competitive prices available on the market. This is because they are able to cut out the middleman.
To find the great deals for your babies’ needs, check out the double strollers currently available for sale on the market now and get double the protection for double the savings.

Time to Make Your Choice
The best double stroller makes life a lot easier for parents. They let you enjoy time with your young ones wherever you go plus give you the peace of mind that they’re safe since you can easily see what they’re doing. Understanding the different types and features of each product can be done using our double stroller reviews so you know what you’re getting before you even buy them.