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Best Double Jogging Stroller Reviews and Buying Guide

You want to purchase a best double jogging stroller for your twins but you can’t seem to find the right product, thereby visit several double jogging stroller reviews on the internet. You can certainly find many reviews that may help you choose what’s best for you. You are a fitness enthusiast and you want to bring your little angels with your fitness regimen without sacrificing their safety and convenience.

Double jogging strollers are designed for jogger parents with twins or two newborns but to get the best product brand/model, read a lot of reviews. This may help you with the factors to consider when buying or choosing the appropriate jogger stroller. Reviews are helpful guides for consumers to be able to get their money’s worth when purchasing a particular product and benefit from its optimum utility for a very long time.

Remember that newborns grow fast and in no time they may outgrow their strollers, hence you may have to check on a stroller’s weight capacity limit. You may also have to verify if the seats recline comfortably for the infants since newborns still need the necessary support, particularly in their neck muscles.


Top 3 Best Double Jogging Stroller

Stroller Reviews

Finding the right brand/model is perhaps the key to having the best double jogging stroller and to have the best brand and model, read some product reviews and make a shortlist on your choices. Compare their features and choose which one works to your advantage. To help you with your choices, here are some of the best options you may consider.

1. Costzon Double Stroller Infant Baby Pushchair Convenience Twin Seat

Costzon Double Stroller Infant Baby Pushchair Convenience Twin Seat

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The Costzon Double Stroller is ideal for serious joggers who are as conscientious about functionality as they are about the safety of their children. It is also ideal for parents with children of different ages. You can put one in the chair whilst the other stands. You can also fit two individual seats.


  • Aluminum frame for easy handling
  • A 29 x 36 x 18.3 inch and rear tires
  • Equipped with 2 press buttons
  •  Weight: 29 lbs
  • The comfortable seat with safety belt equipped
  • The lockable wheels are safe and convenient
  • Fold this double stroller instantly
  • Canopies for shade

The aluminum frame makes it weigh less and also makes it easy for a parent to handle. The tires make going over pavements and curbs easy. It has a dual trigger folding mechanism for easy storage and transport. The handle has a slip-resistant rubberized handle for better grip. The Schwinn is your basic, everyday jogging stroller, and it fills that role very well.


2. Bob Revolution Flex


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The BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller is a high-performance, all-terrain stroller that is popular amongst parents who walk or like jogging with their children.


  • It has the capacity to carry an 8-week-old infant to a 50lb toddler in each seat.
  • Made of durable aluminum alloy, it is fitted with 16” pneumatic rear tires and 12,5” tires at the back
  • Comfortable padded seats that are easy to clean
  • Adjustable handlebars with a choice of 9 positions
  • Ample storage space
  • Available in Black

The adjustable handlebar ensures that the user can set the handlebars to many comfortable positions. It has independent canopies to protect your child from harmful UV rays. It is heavy and bulky and hard to fit in most cars. This is a great all-terrain stroller for parents on the go. It is durable, comfortable, equipped with safety harnesses to keep your children happy and safe.

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3. BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller


This stroller is made for serious joggers. It not only has the features for babies to feel comfortable, but it looks like a serious jogging stroller with its sleek ironman branded fabric. This stroller looks sporty and also has other awesome features.

BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller

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  • Lightweight alloy wheels with pneumatic tires
  • Fixed front wheel for increased stability
  • State-of-the-art, suspension system
  • Independently reclining, padded seats
  • Multi-position canopies with viewing windows
  • Big Cargo Basket
  • Additional pockets for extra storage


This stroller almost glides when it moves. The handbrake makes it easy to negotiate inclines or hills. This stroller was built to last and it is one of the most durable strollers on the market. The BOB Ironman is more than just an average stroller; it was built for serious joggers but also ensures that the children are comfortable and safe in their seats.

How to choose the right jogging stroller?

Knowing which double jogging stroller to buy is different from knowing how to buy a double itself. Here are a few exclusive factors you need to consider when you are on the market searching for a jogging stroller.


Consider how much of your stroller time will be spent jogging against walking. Several double strollers in the market that are designed for walking as well as jogging are more stable, making them a lot more difficult to handle especially when jogging. Remember a stroller with great stability is a parent’s friend but not a runner’s friend. Yes, it may be looked at as a good feature for a jogging stroller that will help you push your baby for several miles. Having said that, a stable stroller might not be a good choice if you have to negotiate a few tight bends or corners wherever you run daily.

Front Wheel

Several double strollers for jogging offer a front wheel that can be either set free to swivel that is best for walking or locked into the straight position which obviously is best for jogging. This feature is in one way or other related to the stability attribute discussed above. If you are going to use your stroller just for jogging, then you do not need to fork out more dollars to find one with a swivel action. Bear in mind that running with swiveling wheels is actually unsafe because running over small stones at high speeds could throw the stroller out of balance.

Who uses a jogging stroller only for early morning runs? If you live in an urban setting or other areas where space is constricted, you will certainly find the swivel wheel feature of great help in handling the stroller around aisles of the superstore, pathways, and anywhere else you might take your kid. However, if you live in a locality where there is plenty of space in parking lots and stores, and the sidewalks are thinly populated and wide enough, you might do just fine with a wheel that just faces forward.

The height of the handle

If you are a decently built man, this is perhaps not going to give you headaches. However if, suppose, you and your (shorter) spouse will both be handling this stroller for jogging, you will want to look for a jogging double stroller with adjustable handles. Few things are more annoying than trying to use a jogger stroller handle that does not fit. Remember, your arm movement is already limited by pushing the thing; if you have to hold your hands high to boot, you will be more convinced to hire a nanny next time around.


Initially, we thought it was just another feature, one of those cute accessories they add on so they could have more things to proclaim about in the feature description of the product. However, we came to realize they are a lovely addition to any jogging stroller, especially for those who live in or around the mountains.

Handbrakes allow runners to keep their pace and form when running downhill, rather than having to make desperate attempts to gain control of the stroller. Again, hand brakes may not be a great thing to have on shallow or small hilly areas, but with steep mountainous regions, lacking something like a handbrake could have an impact on your normal running form.

The width of the wheel

Wheel width is an important feature mainly for its aesthetic and spatial specifications. Wider wheeled baby strollers tend to provide an accurate fit for kids with larger frames, offer more space for carrying along errand stuff or supplies, and also feel more stable than the rest with narrow wheels.


Over the last few years, double jogging strollers have continued to develop into intelligent versions that meet special needs of children as well as parents. Every now and then, new types of jogging strollers keep coming up- with large fixed wheels, suspensions, safety harnesses and cup holders for the kids. They also offer unprecedented safety and ease of use, both for the rider and the runner.