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Baby Trend Sit N Stand Stroller Review

When people hear double stroller, they usually think of twins. Heck, of course, it’s not true :). Getting back to my original point, it’s important for you to know that double strollers aren’t just for twins. If you have a baby and a toddler, I’m probably preaching to the choir at this point.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller is one of the most popular strollers for parents with a baby and toddler. Going out with a toddler alone can be a real exercise in patience – they want to sit… they want to stand up…. they want to take a nap… they want to…. you get the picture right?

You have to be flexible when taking a toddler somewhere and your flexibility has to double when you have a younger sibling going along for the ride.


Baby Trend Sit N Stand Stroller

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To avoid a chaotic day out, you need the right equipment. The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Stroller is the essential piece of equipment that you cannot do without. This stroller lets you keep baby safe and sound in a car seat or the front seat while your toddler sits or stands in the back section.

One of the things I like best about this double stroller is how easy it is to remove the back seat. My own toddler cannot make up her mind about how she wants to travel when we’re out. It seems like every ten minutes she goes from wanting to stand up to wanting to sit down in the stroller. With the Baby Trend you can easily pop the back seat out and put it in the handy basket to let your toddler ride standing up on the bench.

It’s important that you only let toddlers who are old enough to stand and hold their balance ride like this, but when they reach that age, this feature is priceless.

Safety Ratings

The one thing that matters more than anything when it comes to your children is safety. The Baby Trend Sit N Stand has all the safety features you could want in a stroller for your little ones. I have a bad habit of sometimes skipping out on reading product documentation, but I am getting better, especially when it comes to things I buy for my kids.

Make sure that you read and follow all the safety directions that come with this stroller. The gold standard for safety with a stroller is a 5 point harness to keep your kids buckled in safely. This product has a safe 5 point harness system. There are other sit and stand double strollersavailable that only have a 3 point harness – for the safest riding for babies and toddlers a 5 point harness system is a must. I was very glad to find that this stroller has 5 Point harnesses for both of my little ones.

Extra Features – Ratings

For extra features, I give super-high ratings. While no stroller can be defined by the extras and goodies, Baby Trend makes sure that you get them along with comfort, safety and ease of use.

The product has some fantastic features that quite simply make life easier when you’re out with the kids. The first thing that came to my attention was the inclusion of 2 parent drink holders. When you’re running around with the kids you have to stay hydrated. You’ll have no problems taking your water bottle along with this stroller. Many of the double strollers reviews skip over just how important this little extra is when you’re out with the kids.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Stroller 2

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The best extra that I discovered about this stroller was that there are 2, count ‘em 2 snack trays. I have owned double strollers in the past that only had one one snack tray. That set up quickly leads to mutiny and is an absolute pain. Thankfully Baby Trend has rectified this great wrong by including a snack tray for each child. I cannot stress enough how important this simple extra feature is. It makes going out a much more peaceful experience.

The snack trays feature a swing in set up that makes loading and unloading the little ones a breeze. A lot of strollers have snap-on snack trays that are a real hassle to deal with. In fact, I accidentally broke one of these on one of our older strollers. You won’t have to fuss with snapping the snack trays on and off, they easily swivel in and out. Yet another simple, yet very helpful feature to simplify days out with the children.

My review is starting to run a little bit long. Suffice it to say I love this stroller and highly recommend it to parents with a baby and a toddler. It make life much easier. There are lots of other little extras that you can read about at Amazon.com. In the meantime here are some of the technical details that you should know about.

  • Product Dimensions: 47 x 24.8 x 45 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 39.4 pounds

Want to know what others are saying?

There are lots of glowing reviews for this product, here are what some folks have been saying:

  • “Best deal for the price.”
  • “Great for traveling…”
  • “Thank God for this invention…”
  • “The best double stroller!!!”

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What’s Bugging People About this stroller?

We live in a world where nothing is perfect, so I can’t say that there are no cons to this stroller, but I am pleased as heck to say that there aren’t very many of them. My only gotcha on this stroller is the fact that the basket underneath the stroller isn’t what you’d call large and it can be a pain to get to sometimes.

To be honest, I wasn’t even expecting a basket with this stroller, so even though the basket is smaller than I would like to see, it has all the room you need for the essentials. If you cart a huge diaper bag around, you may have to hang it on the handle or switch to a smaller bag. All things considered, this drawback is relatively minor and doesn’t detract from all the positive features this stroller has.

What About the Price?

I’ve been digging around online and at the stores in my area and have found that the average price for the Baby Trends Sit N Stand Stroller is quite cheap.

I will sum up my review here before they get a hook to pull me off the stage. Having used and reviewed a lot of strollers over the years, I can give this my highest double stroller ratings. It is a solid product that will be an excellent help to parents with a toddler and baby in tow.